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Kari gives a great deep tissue massage that soothes the body from head to toe. Give great advice on making healthy choices. Communicates in a clear way. Kari has healthy food choices. And has been a good friend in giving me advice so I can keep positive and stay focused. Grateful for what she does. If you are on the path to health or just getting started, Kari is sure to be someone you will want to talk to.

- AO

I have moved several times over the past few years. Kari is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. Her massages are not only a treat but have truly helped me through injuries. Her background as a health coach complements her work and makes her a truly holistic practitioner.

- CC

Kari is an amazing massage therapist! I always feel so renewed and relaxed after seeing her. Kari is also a very sweet person who goes out of her way to make you feel super comfortable. You won't be disappointed with her technique and knowledge.

- TL

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have "found" Kari! I have multiple health issues and have been to many, many massage therapists, but Kari is BY FAR the most knowledgeable and talented. I highly recommend her; you won't be disappointed!

- JS

Kari is a wealth of information when it comes to healthy food choices and living a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. Can't say enough great things about her! Not to mention she is an amazing massage therapist!

- CA

I've gone to Kari for a massage and she did a great job.I was so relaxed and at peace when I left I felt amazing. She is a sweet person and very knowledgeable in her craft.I would recommend anyone to go to her for a massage or nutritional lifestyle information.

- DN

I've had both massages and a Reiki session with Kari. Very in tune with your needs. Love her studio as the environment is relaxing and inviting. Very reasonably priced. She goes above and beyond. I look forward to doing it again....and again!

- LM

Kari is an amazing massage therapist. I have benefited from her vast knowledge and skills for many years. In addition to providing massage skills, I find her very level headed and helpful in guiding me through various life issues. I am so glad I met her!

- RA

Kari is truly amazing. She gives the best massages and really listens to her clients and their needs

- BO

I have been going to Kari for many years. She always takes time before the massage to ask how you are feeling and what you are in need of, so she can taylor it to your particular needs that day. She not only gives a great massage but also is always there to offer advice and assistance with nutrician and life issues. If you are looking for a therapist that not only gives a wonderful massage but also takes a personal interest in you and your overall health, she is great option!

- LB

When I get a massage from Kari I am "one with the bed" she finds all of my muscle tension and leaves me relaxed. My only when she is done. I don't want it to end. I highly recommend her. She is also a great listener and offers great advise.

- DB

"I think it’s quite amazing what you can do with your elbow instead of your fingers! It’s (sports massage) certainly a well worth alternative, one that I would not have thought to be so relaxing and therapeutic. It was interesting without the oil. I liked it!"

- RB

“Your new place is simply magnificent! I truly enjoyed that amazing massage. You are both professional and skilled at your craft! Thank you!!”


"Kari is an angel. Several years ago I came to Kari for massage due to the stress of work as a psychological therapist as well as the challenges of marriage and having two adult children living at home. Living in general had begun to get me down. I was often tired, sore and frustrated. A colleague recommended that I make an appointment with Kari and as a therapist, I knew that was the smarter option than becoming best friends with the local bartender. From the moment I met her and shook her hand, I recognized that Kari had an aura that filled the room. She made me feel like we had known each other forever and that this was an okay place to share anything and feel safe. I had not had much experience with massage and actually hadn’t felt very comfortable being touched by others in general. Kari again put me at ease and proceeded with her gentleness, knowledge and skill and began relieving my aches and pains. It’s been years now since I first came and life is still stressful, but I’ve made many positive gradual changes with her help and support in making my life more manageable in several aspects. I know come once a week, I will be in good hands emotionally and physically."

- SA

“The peace of mind, heart and soul that Kari has given to me throughout the years with her massage and energy work and her advice on well-being has been the greatest gift that I have ever received in life. I value each and every moment spent in her care as it is the best that one could receive.”

- TH

"I am a health practitioner and my expectations are very high and Kari clearly meets them. My next appointment is always booked before I leave!"

- AN

"Kari has a real unique ability to read my body and give it what it needs. She leaves me feeling like I am floating on cloud. I don't want to get off the table"

- VN

"I walked out of there and told my daughter, who is also a client of Kari's, that was most amazing massage I've ever had!"

- ML

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