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Learn to do Couples Massage with your Valentine!

Learn to do a full body massage on your Valentine!


Classes will be held beginning on Friday 2/8/19 and the last class will be on 2/14/19. Class will be at varying times throughout the day as well as the evening.


My office! 150 Coconut Dr Indialantic FL 32903. Across from the Double Tree Hotel on A1A.


Private one-on-one class $197 Double date with another couple $167 (per couple) 


Event Details

Looking to do something fun and unique with your love this Valentine’s Day? Skip the flowers and candy… Learn to give your partner a REAL massage! Join me for a 2 hour PRIVATE or DOUBLE DATE class! In this fun and interactive class, you will learn how to give your partner a full body massage in 45 minutes WITHOUT GETTING TIRED!


*We will cover the class outline listed below but be assured 90 out of the 120 minutes will absolutely be hands-on! *You will get my individual attention giving you guidance and instruction as I explain what to do, how and why, but also show you. So…there are many times when you will be having me and your partner working on you at once! It will be no pressure, fun and easy to understand. *Don’t worry, you will each be getting a turn. Like I said, you will leave knowing how to do a full body massage in 45 minutes using proper body mechanics and techniques so that you will not tire quickly. *How does it work with two couples in the class? Pretty much the same! The massage tables we will be using will be next to each other in the same room. The person who will be receiving massage will go into the bathroom to undress and put on a terrycloth wrap that has Velcro. Once back in the room, the receiver will get under the sheet and easily slip off the wrap. If you’ve had massage before, then you know how “draping” (being covered with the sheet) works. For those new to massage, The only part of your body that will be exposed will be the area being worked on. Ex: While face down, your partner will undrape your left leg up to the top of your thigh and carefully tucked in so not as to be inappropriately exposed.


*If you do not have another couple to take class with but would like to be paired ith other students interested in doing the same, please just send me at PM so we can make those arrangements. You must register by clicking on this link in order to secure your spot. Dates and times are limited. The class outline: Communication & expectations Stretching & getting connected Supplies & Atmosphere Do’s & Don’ts Strokes & techniques Body Mechanics & proper hand positioning Full Body Massage Sequence & Quickies You will leave with: *A new way to intimately connect with your partner *Knowledge of several effective massage techniques *A folder with handouts of everything covered in class to use at home *As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to purchase gift certificates at a discounted rate.


**BONUS GIFT If you register before 2/1/19, you will also get a goodie bag with items to help you recreate the experience in your own home.

What you need to know

*This is NOT an erotic massage class. Modesty will be kept at all times with the use of robes and sheets. *Please come with the intention of having fun! You will not be tested. *Dress comfortably so that you can switch out of your clothes quickly and easily and be sure to wear short sleeves. *Please arrive showered and your nails are cut! Ladies… No, you don’t have to cut your nails if they’re long with gel-polish etc. It’ll just make the experience a little different. *Be sure to have eaten, but not too much. That’s not comfortable when giving or receiving massage. *Please arrive 5-10 minutes early. We will be starting class at the time scheduled to be respectful of everyone’s time.

150 Coconut Dr Indialantic, Florida 32903
Call (203) 525-1237 to book an Appointment!

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